RR Ratings – Nov 6 @ NOH

Live blog tells the whole story… They started it… Bosh: 8 Took him a while to figure out that Okafor can be had for cheap. Took care of the “robot” in the third by owning him on the boards and the block. The three in the face was nice but the part about hustling for ... Read more

RR Ratings – Nov 4 vs DET

They started it… Bosh: 7 Kept that offense chugging along with his 20 FT attempts. Hardly a fluid or dominant performance but got his nose dirty and didn’t let his head hang when he got beat on defense. His play slowed this game down and allowed the Raps to catch their breath. Bargnani: 8 Caught ... Read more

RR Ratings – Oct 30 @ MEM

They started it… Bosh: 7.5 Showed up, played hard. Did some damage. Actually, did a lot of damage 37/12 to be exact. Didn’t waste possessions, didn’t hesitate. BUT, Randolph had 30/7 too so I got to look at somebody for that and it’s Bosh. Still, the offensive game gets him a high grade, he shouldn’t ... Read more

RR Ratings – Oct 28 vs CLE

They started it… Bosh: 7 Sometimes you don’t need to dominate, just don’t get dominated. Was overpowered early and started 0-3 but regained his confidence when Shaq went to the bench and grabbed some rebounds, 16 in total. Add a couple J’s against the slower bigs and you got a pretty good game from Bargnani’s ... Read more

RR Ratings – Oct 18 vs BOS

C**tics 101, Raptors 82 Banks – N/A Had the flu, test for the swine kind came back negative. Only person that cared either way was his mother. Bargnani – 7 Defended hard, cut hard, fouled hard, played hard. Accepted Perkins’ challenge in the post and made him eat Spalding a couple times. Demanded the ball ... Read more