Raptors vs. Clippers, 10:30pm

Better take a nap after work, it’s gonna be a late one! 

I love late games. They always feel more like an ‘event’. They always seem to come down to the wire, keeping me up past my bedtime and ruining any chance of next-day productivity. Plus, it’s more fun to watch the game at a bar with a 10:30 start. If, y’know, I watched games at bars instead of snuggled in my Charlie Brown pajamas in my cozy living room.

Big bounceback game? Both teams are calling this one ‘winnable’. And while I agree it’s ‘anyone’s game’, I think the team that ‘rises to the occasion’ is going to ‘come out on top’ ‘when the dust settles’.

Vacuous buzz-phrases aside, it’s important the Raptors respond to Sunday’s ass-kicking with a win tonight. We may be outmatched against the Celtics, but Clippers is a team we can beat, even at full strength (which they’re not, more on this in a sec.) We’re staring down the long gauntlet of a seven game road swing, the majority of games against veteran Western Conference teams. Getting out of Cali with a win would be an excellent first step.

 Unfortunately, TJ’s still out, so we won’t get any of this:


Remember a couple years ago when the Clipshow was rollin’ and people were getting run over by the bandwagon cause there weren’t enough seats? I guess it’s no surprise that an LA team has 15 seconds of fame. But I DO love that the Clips are being referred to as ‘Chris Kaman and the Clippers.” How long has he waited to hear those words? (Hey Joey G: Now this is a fall-back career!) I’m convinced there is a correlation between cutting his hair and losing his suck. Call him the Anti-Sampson, though I bet even Sampson appreciated the occasional reacharound.


There’s no doubt this team misses Brand, but the Kamaniac is making the loss a little more palatable.  He’s got 19 double doubles in 23 games, and is fo’ real. Kaman’s perfect vision will help him drop 20/20 on our weak interior defense tonight. Maggette is going to go off, as he’s going to get a ton of touches and thrives when he’s got the rock. Good luck to you, Jamario. You might wanna try not biting on the pumpfake.

Other than Corey/Chris (their debut album drops in March!), this team is decimated by injury. Cuttino Mobley (Raptor killer extraordinaire) and Tim Thomas (Bargnani twin) are questionable. Shaun Livingston (brittle), Sam the Alien (geriatric), Elton Brand (bad luck) are all gone. That leaves Kaman, Maggette, Brevin Knight, Quinton Ross, and Paul Davis Aaron Williams, and three duffel bags stuffed with bricks. Not exactly an awe-inspiring group. But I think we’ve proved many times over that we can lose to the worst of them.


 Girl Talk: Sam Cassell

SAM and several of his homeboys were calling her a whore saying that he ran up in her the first night I got that from the homey during pillow talk he knows who he is. He say she fucked herself off. SAM say she really can’t sing he just wanted to fuck the stupid whore. He say that little bastard baby ain’t his cause he can’t have no more kids. As a matter of fact I saw him with a woman tonight for his Birthday. Now go kill yourself bitch. And that came from SAM himself.    

After reading this, the only thing that surprised me in the least is that there are women willing to fight over Sam Cassell.

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