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It’s Time To Embrace Toronto’s Oddball Drafts



The last three drafts that Toronto has participated in have largely solidified my adoration for Toronto’s bonkers draft nights.

RR on ESPN: Toronto’s new national agenda



Blake Murphy looks at how Toronto is trying to change it’s history when it comes to basketball.

Morning Coffee Feb 27



Energetic, knocking down shots, getting production from various spots throughout their roster. This one had all the makings of a major upset.

Down goes Boston! Down goes Boston!



Toronto Raptors 114, Boston Celtics 112 What a game! The Raptors take out Boston in a clutch and tense affair which put a premium on the proverbial ice in the veins. Jose Calderon’s two clutch free throws followed by a decisive drive to the rim for a three point-play put the Raptors up by two.   …Continue Reading

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