A heartbreaker’s better than a blowout

An excruciating loss like this can serve as motivation and reaffirmation that we are better than our record and instill so-far-missing belief in this team, or will we go back to our waywardly ways.

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raps run out of air in second half

Raptors 112, Nuggets 130 – Box Let’s make an obvious statement: The Toronto Raptors just aren’t in the same league as the Denver Nuggets. Even the homerest of all homers will concede this nugget of wisdom (pardon the pun). While it took some time for that sobering reality to manifest itself, the prodigious talents of… Read more »


Watching the Nuggets with the Raptors in mind

As the playoffs continue and team after team falls by the wayside, the cream slowly rises to the top which gives us a better and better view of the wide gulf between our team of choice and those still playing basketball. Take the Nuggets as an example, when you compare their build and composition to… Read more »

Zero quality wins for 2008

And this kids is how you DON’T play perimeter defense. Nuggets 114, Raptors 107 That Bosh brick clanged so loudly that it was mistaken for an early New Year’s eve firecracker. More on that later but first, Golden State beat Boston, Miami beat Cleveland, Indiana beat the Lakers, could the Raptors beat the Nuggets? No…. Read more »


O’Neal questionable, Melo probable + Podcast preview

I previewed tonight’s matchup with Benjamin Hochman who is a beat writer for the Denver Post and covers the Nuggets on a daily basis. It’s a conversation between two fans more than an interview and we touch on various topics including Iverson vs Billups, JR Smith, Kleiza, Nene, KMart’s steal on Bosh, Birdman, Calderon, Ukic,… Read more »


Aggressive Denver too much for sloppy Raptors

The Nuggets suffocated the Raptors all evening long. Denver Nuggets 105, Toronto Raptors 94 This game served as a good test for the Raptors which if they passed would’ve given them some confidence heading into the regular season. In the end it turned out to be yet another reminder that this team has more question… Read more »