Roll Call – Feb 11 vs Spurs

First things first: join me in wishing RapsFan a speedy recovery. He’s going through a heck of a bad streak on the health side of the ledger and I’m betting some good vibes his way will be well received. In the meantime, enjoy the sponge baths dude. The “who said hard work doesn’t pay off”… Read more »


Roll Call – Feb 10 vs Timberwolves (NSFW)

The “all good things must come to an end” edition Bargnani – meh. Passable offensive game offset by some horrible defense most of the night. Trade him. Bosh – at least he is on the bench, unlike some other highly paid athletes. Keep him. Calderon – the turnstile was in full use tonight. Welcome to… Read more »


When the King is in the House, OMG, Danger!

In awe of the King. Cavs 101, Raptors 83 Was I the only one embarrassed when the Raptors started the game showing zone? Or when Lebron dunked twice against a zone defense? Or when Szczerbiak hit 2 of his first 3 treys (the guy doesn’t jump, and it’s not like he’s a threat to drive… Read more »


Roll Call – Feb 3 vs Cavaliers

The “well, at least it wasn’t a blow out” edition Bargnani – posted a double double on a night that it didn’t even appear he was on the floor. Magic act indeed. Bosh – think he had a little gusto in his back pocket tonight? His shots were falling but, again, he needs to up… Read more »


Roll Call – Feb 1 vs Magic

The “still wondering why they deserved no credit for a 3 game win streak?” edition Bargnani – horrid shooting night offset by some fairly good D on a guy that 2 years ago would have manhandled him. You have to think it caused Bargs to exert a lot of energy since, when he did take… Read more »


Roll Call – Jan 28 vs Nets

The “start printing those playoff invoices” edition Bargnani – he had as much rhythm tonight as an elephant trying to dance to drum and bass. Completely taken out of his element and piling up on the fouls like AB V1.0. Bosh – I might start calling him Lobsterboy. If I didn’t see the odd close… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raps Look To Make It 3 In A Row

Grab the Opening-Tip where you will learn the sad-sad thing both the Raptors and Nets have in common. Trailing the season series 2-1, the Raptors head into Garden State hoping to tie things up and regain some pride that VC & Co. stole when they did this: I hate the Nets, dating back to Babcock… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raps down Kings, sweep season series.

Do, do-do, do-do-do-do Raptors 113, Kings 97 I have to admit, for once, I had no doubt about the outcome of the game. Even with the Kings sporting a 4 point lead in the first half, I was relaxed and firm in my resolve that the Raptors would pull this one out. The Kings just… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

7 Losses in a Row…and Counting

Throw it down Big Man! Throw it down! Raptors 75, Pistons 96 Before getting into it (not much to get into really…sadly…), my disgust for this TSN2 situation came full circle tonight. I live up in North York, no Philthy’s in site, and after stumbling from bar to bar with nothing but the leafs playing,… Read more »