Toronto vs. Philadephia, 7pm

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I’m going to save my words for after the game, but it goes without saying that this is a ‘must win’ game (and probably the only one Philadephia’s involved with this season).

We have to win tonight. To restore the confidence of the fans (last game stung more than the franchise will admit), to restore what little (if any) swagger and clout we bring to the court, and to wash the rancid smell of futility off the ACC hardwood.

On our home court, coming off a Britney-like breakdown against Cleveland, against a divison rival (yes, a rival – they’re only 3.5 games back) we’ve already beaten twice this season, there’s no other option but a W. It’s that black and white. 

And a three point win isn’t enough. The Raptors have to dismantle the Sixers. Assert our dominance over an inferior team. For a full 48 minutes. On both ends of the court. Bully them around. Growl when they dunk. Bump ’em when they get in the paint. Hell, I want Humphries to sneak into the Sixers locker room at halftime and wedgie Louis Williams something fierce. To quote the kiddies, nothing less than  ‘total pwnage’ is acceptable.

There’s no other way. Chris, Jose, Andrea, Anthony, Jamario, Kris, Carlos, Jason, Juan, Rasho – get ‘er done. 

Girl Talk:  Shavlik Randolph

Shavlik isn’t into girls yet…they still have cooties!


 When you think of a 24 year old that still lives with his mom and doesn’t chase tail, you think Rainbow Brite, right? Well, not so. Apparently Shavlik isn’t a friend of some good, clean homoeroticism:

…Randolph, in reaction to learning ex-NBA player John Amaechi’s admission of homosexuality, called it ‘idiotic’. On playing with a gay player, Randolph was quoted as telling reporters, “As long as you don’t bring your gayness on me, I’m fine.”      

P.S. Kevin Ollie is still in the NBA? He better not bring his gayness on Shavlik.


Before we leave…in the comments section of yesterday’s American GladiRaptors post, “Raps Fan” made mention of the fact that back in the day he rocked the same hairstyle as Wolf. His mistake. I challenged him to prove it, and this is the picture he sent me: 

He wasn’t kidding. I’ll never doubt him again. 

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