Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Player Wish Lists!

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From everyone at Raptors Republic, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It’s been a pretty great year for both the Raptors and the site, and it wouldn’t be possible without the people that pay RR a daily visit, and the writers who contribute to RR.

Let’s hope that the Christmas present of DeRozan’s good health is given┬áto us soon enough, preferably against the Clippers on Saturday. And while we’re talking about presents, here’s a fantastic list compiled by reader, ckh26:

  • For JV. A case of Palmolive dish soap. As the old TV ad says… for the softest hands.
  • For TROSS… A trip to the track and some blinders the horses use. With those puppies on you run straight to the rim.
  • For AMIR.. a trip to Lourdes and a permanent healing of those ankles,We need you man.
  • For DD. A quick recovery from that groin pull.
  • For Kyle. You have been Santa all year long so far so a couple of days off. Stellar … just Stellar.
  • For Grevis: An inch. Cuz that inch is all you need to get the jumper to start falling at a regular clip.
  • For PPat: A trip to the movies to watch groundhog day so you can keep doing your great work over and over and over again.
  • For James JJ Johnson: 3 heads to turn downcourt at the same time on January 12th…. While you simultaneously even the score with that idiot down in Motown.
  • For Lou… 20 more chances to flash that smile as you just embarrass someone with that 3 point buzzer beater.
  • For Tyler.. A visit with JV to share some of that Palmolive.
  • For Chuck… A contract extension for 2 more years. Its incredibly hard to find locker room guys who can also chip in when its at its darkest.
  • For the Steamer. Minutes.. Some Minutes to show you are there to help.
  • For Bebe. A gift coupon to Hair Cutters.
  • For Bruno. SOme real playing time in the D league to get ready for next year. You really are 1 year away from being 1 year away.
  • For Landry. A run of luck. Just as your getting going you do a one and half gainer off a guys back.
  • For Coach Dwane. Earplugs so you dont have to listen to the assembled massess on message boards who without any practical experience can somehow do a better job than you have taking a 20 and 60 team 4 years ago to legit contender status to make the ECF this year.

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