Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast, Nov 4 – Live from Hoop Talks

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The Extra returns, live from Hoop Talks at The Drake Underground!

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On this week’s episode, host Blake Murphy joins Ashley Docking, Holly MacKenzie, Meghan McPeak, and Eric Koreen to discuss all things Raptors.

  • Are the Raptors doing themselves a disservice skewing so young?
  • What does Kyle Lowry’s future hold?
  • Should you care about the D-League?
  • Lessons in self-loathing.
  • Q&A with guests.
  • While you’re here, I also created a Facebook page where I’ll post all of my articles/radio spots/podcasts, some of which don’t end up re-posted here at Raptors Republic. There’s been a lot this week.

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