The New York Knicks: The Franchise We Destroyed

Continuing on our merry way with our TrueHoop familia, today we turn our attention to the New York Knickerbockers. Once a franchise looked upon with pride, but then they ran into Vince, Alvin, Antonio, and their old employee named Charles. The Raptors knocked them out in the first round and the Blue and Orange faithful… Read more »


How The Raptors Stack Up Against The Rest Of The Atlantic

After a pitiful 33-49 season, Colangelo replaced two starters, the first five guys off the bench, and 2 of the last 5 at the end of it. Two make things more interesting, we have a “rookie” head-coach who has to integrate all these parts while trying to get this team into the playoffs, and possibly… Read more »


Live Blogging the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery

As it stands now, the Top 3 looks like: Sacramento Washington LA Clippers I’m predicting Sacramento gets screwed, and the Knicks win the Lottery – taking take home Blake Griffin, stay tuned… BC representing, let’s hope he brings some luck (last time we got the #1 pick) Joel Litvin shouldn’t be allowed in front of… Read more »


Back to Reality, Oops There Goes Gravity

The little fella’s a handful. Knicks 112, Raptors 103 It’s hard to say much about a game where the base requirement of any competitive arrangement isn’t there – effort. The Raptors figured the ‘away’ part of the home-and-home set is supposed to be the tougher game and since they won that, the return matchup is… Read more »


Best player on the court: Bargnani

Raptors 102, Knicks 95 The silver lining to this disappointing season continues to be Andrea Bargnani. He was the best player on the court on Saturday and drew enough of those oohs and aahs from the crowd that showed both a respect for his game and the underlying fear of his abilities. He was a… Read more »


Roll Call – April 4 vs The Knicks

The β€œ6 meaningless wins in a row” Edition Banks – Hoping for a bail-out. Bargnani – I’d still rather have Brandon Roy, but it doesn’t sting as much anymore. We know he can score, awkwardly as it may be; we know he can grab a few rebounds here and there; his defense has been coming… Read more »


Raps exact revenge

And that’s how a playa rebounds. Knicks 100, Raptors 111 Pinch-hitting for Dinosty. Didn’t know I was going to be doing this post so bear with me as I wasn’t paying an awful lot of attention during this one. Consider the revenge for Friday night exacted. It wasn’t by the same margin or the same… Read more »


Round Two

I need help Only the Denver game that “cost” Smitch his job was by a larger margin. At what point will the rhetoric and idiocy about the playoffs stop? Sure they are 5.5 games out of 8th spot, but what has happened this season that has certain idiots suggesting the playoffs? 21-36 seem like a… Read more »



Raptors 34, Knicks 84678 This was the most humiliating defeat of all time. Yes, all time. Just look at the circumstances under which the Knicks ran us off the court: We pulled off a big trade and are in a backs-to-the-wall situation where we need to claw out wins almost every night to make the… Read more »


Knicks Host The Raptors on The First Night of a Home-and-Home

Krypto-Nate is in the House. Anyone else lifting their eyebrows after the moves the Knicks made? Donnie Walsh divined Malik Rose, Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Anthony Roberson and some cash into Chris Wilcox and Larry Hughes. That’s what a great GM does, he turns useless pieces into better ones that can contribute now without impacting… Read more »