Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Raptors Roll Call Nov 13 vs Clippers

The ‘ain’t no reason to sleep on this team’ edition. Banks – he was seen working on his tan behind the bench. Bargnani – if I told you he had 1 rebound in 33 minutes, would you be surprised? The guy rebounds as well as a bag of water thrown at a brick wall. Belinelli… Read more »


Raptors Roll Call Nov 11th vs Chicago

The ‘Chuck Swirsky? Who’s next? The usher from section 101?’ edition. Banks – you ever watch Finding Nemo? You know that school of fish that swam behind the stars of the film? Well, if you used the Raptors as a real-life version of that school of fish, Banks would be the seaweed in the distance…. Read more »


Raptors Roll Call vs San Antonio – Nov 9

The ‘yeah, well, evidently they are still better than us’ edition. Banks – more chance of this game taking place at the Alamo Dome than Banks seeing the floor. Bargnani – saw a little bit of all of his game tonight. Indifference, a rare block on a meaningful shot, his usual silky touch. His D… Read more »

Jose Calderon

Roll Call Oct 15 vs Rockets

The ‘shouldn’t we be beating teams like these’ edition. Banks – as badly as we played, he is in midseason form: DNP-CD. Bargnani – played well, not great. His long range game was off, but he looked like he was trying to concentrate on his spot on the floor a bit too much. But, better… Read more »

Jose Calderon

Roll Call…Oct 11 vs Wizards

The turkey time edition Banks – his worst game of the preseason, but he only saw the floor for 2 minutes. Still, that was enough to provide flashbacks (premonitions?). 3 fouls, 1 assist and providing a face to acid reflux. Bargnani – speaking of worst games of the preseason, Andrea was off tonight. His already… Read more »


Roll Call…Oct 7 vs Philadelphia

The well, at least the Yankees won edition Banks – considering what he had given us previously, he is already off to his best season in a Raptor uniform. Hustle, took a hard foul, talking on the floor. Has he played well enough to be the 10th man in the rotation? Bargnani – continued to… Read more »


Roll Call…Oct 6 vs Philadelphia

The we’ll get ‘em tomorrow edition… Banks – a few nice passes (including a nice alley-oop), hit a straightaway three, found DeRozan for a timely three, but committed some poor fouls. This isn’t saying much but this was probably his best game in a Raptors uniform. Bargnani – In the absence of Bosh and Hedo,… Read more »