It’s not quite time for the Toronto Raptors to panic. Maybe soon though.

The Toronto Raptors are about to tell us who they truly are.

Babies poop themselves awake frequently, some almost daily. They don't like it, to be sure, and don't usually go back to sleep. But it's not a big deal; they forget almost immediately. Sometimes they will drift back to dreamland. For a healthy adult with no preexisting bowel issue, such an awakening would be the shock of a lifetime. The feeling of discomfort, the cold sweat, the realization. Then the surprise. The surprise most of all.

The Toronto Raptors have made a habit, in past seasons, of losing in humiliating ways to the Orlando Magic.

In the championship season, the Raptors ended a seven-game winning streak with a miserable, near-20-point loss to the Magic on a dreary Sunday afternoon. Then of course came the 25-0 game to start the playoffs -- 25 to 0, of course, being the number of points scored by DJ Augustin compared to the number of points scored by Kyle Lowry.

But only this season, with real expectations following a return to the playoffs, have the Raptors pooped themselves on the court against the Magic. We're about to find out if they pooped themselves awake or if they will, placidly and unmindful of the discomfort, simply go back to sleep.

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