What’s Next For The Raptors?

With most, if not all, the offseason moves done for the Raptors, we look ahead and try and figure out what might lie ahead for the Raptors. One option might be a trade that could change the face of the franchise.


Who Should The Raptors Take?

After looking at thirteen different prospects over the last two months, it’s time to figure out which one might be best for the Raptors, and who they could end up taking on Thursday.


Prospecting: Clint Capela

Switzerland is known for chocolate, banks and basketball players with defensive potential and an inability to shoot beyond 10 feet. The last player in our prospecting series is Clint Capela.


Prospecting: Jerami Grant

Could Jerami Grant become a lite version of newly crowned Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard? Read on to find out…


Prospecting: James Young

Kentucky’s James Young has one spectacular skill, and it has to do with Rihanna. Curious? Read on…


Prospecting: Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier has a cool name and an NCAA Championship pedigree. And he’s next up in our prospecting series.