Beyond the Raptors: Kevin McElroy & The Knicks

In order to give Arsenalist a break from his insane-post-a-day commitment, I had the chance to sit down with Kevin McElroy, über blogger from the ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate Knickerblogger, to talk about the Knicks, the Eastern Conference and the Raptors


Bye-Bye Bosh

Another Raptors star opts to leave the first chance he gets.

Kyrie Irving

Beyond the Raptors: Miami Heat

If there is anyone who scares me when it comes to dealing Bosh, it’s Pat Riley. I know Colangelo wont give away Bosh, but Riley squeezed blood out of a stone on that Jermaine O’Neal deal, no telling what he could do on a Bosh one.


Raptors fold under pressure as Chicago closes gap

I’m not really feeling this moral victory. Denver, fine, I can buy that, after getting killed by OKC and the Jazz that was a good fight against a strong team, but we should’ve won this game. Up 17 against the Heat in the third and up 11 midway through the fourth, we had to find a way to close the game instead of crumbling under the pressure.