Amir Dunk

Raptors Should Pursue Winning Trades

There are two areas of dysfunction that I believe are severely holding the Raptors back right now, and that is pick-and-roll play and Rudy Gay’s shot selection.


Thoughts on the Jermaine O’Neal trade

They say the team that got the best player in the deal won the trade.  It’s simplistic but often true. So if you want to feel good about this one, that’s all you need to know. When I first heard O’Neal got traded for Marion, I was happy. Then I heard Marcus Banks was coming… Read more »


One more day till Gameday

Iverson to Detroit for Billups and McDyess. I just don’t see what it adds for Denver except maybe instead of getting knocked out of the first round as the 8th seed they’ll get knocked out of the first round as the 6th seed. The impact on Detroit is two-fold. It improves their scoring and in… Read more »