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Game Time Approaches – Keys to the Raptors vs Mavericks


Getty ImagesGet the libations, gravy and tryptophan out of your system, because it’s time to ball. The league’s two best offenses are going head-to-head tonight in Toronto. Zach Lowe has already done a much better job of describing the brilliance of the Maverick’s pick-and-roll heavy offense than I ever could so I encourage you to… Read more »

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Beyond the Raptors: Dallas Mavericks


Another week before the Raptors start a manic month or so of activity, so until then, we will talk a little ball about the Mavs, Dirk, Beaubois and Bosh (and maybe a lil Turk).


Raptors Beat the Mighty Mavs 110-88


Happy days!! Raptors 110, Mavs 88 – Box In the best performance we’ve seen all year, the Raptors finally lived up to their potential in a blowout win over the Mavs. It’s sometimes frustrating when the Raptors lose to the likes of the Bobcats/Pacers, then beat the Spurs/Mavs, because you wonder why they couldn’t beat… Read more »