Roll Call – Mar 27 vs Thunder

The “orange crushed” edition Banks – here is hoping his injury spurs BC to dump his sorry ass. Bargnani – anybody else kind of giggle to themselves everytime they see the look of shock on Andrea’s face when he gets called for a foul. That mouthguard makes him look like some “special” kid trying to… Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 25 vs Bucks

The “twitaholics anonymous” edition Banks – how proud your family must be. “My son just suffered a season ending injury.” “Oh my…what happened” “Bone spur in his toe”. What the hell? Is that even possible? Why not just say he suffered a blister while rolling up the rim?  Bargnani – feed the hungry man, indeed…. Read more »


Roll Call – March 22 vs Clippers

The “what happens if you put two turtles in a cage match” edition Banks – his ego is still cracked, so he didn’t play. Got paid, though.  Bargnani – his heel has a booboo. I woke up today and had a crick in my neck. Funny thing is, I’m still doing my job. Get out… Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 20 vs Bobcats

The “so THAT is why my girl is against doing….” edition. Banks – good: his salary. bad: we pay it. Bargnani – good: he was a former #1 pick. bad: he was ours. Bosh – good: his second quarter tonight. bad: the other 3. Calderon – good: he wanted to stay in Toronto and become… Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 16 vs Bobcats

The “now THAT is how a hungry team plays” edition… Banks – stayed in Toronto. A city awaits word on his injury with a nervousness not often felt amongst the legions of fans. Bargnani – his game tonight reminded me of going to an Italian buffet and all they served was bruschetta and sticky spaghetti…. Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 15 vs Pacers

The “more whistles than Caribana” edition… Banks – Of space a waste. Never be a major part of an NBA team, he will. Hmmmmmm. Bargnani – Suffering from the flu, but showing, still ball can he, when he is sick. Finally showing flashes of what a number one pick, been doing a year ago, should… Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 13 vs Pistons

The “maybe they should have watched Syracuse” edition Banks – I wish for two things every morning when I awake: to roll over and see Eva Mendez lying next to me (sober, awake, and willingly (and I mean her)) and to have a full day without having to see Marcus Banks play basketball. Bargnani –… Read more »


Roll Call – Mar 11 vs Sixers

The “what the hell was that” edition Banks – reminds you of your mother-in-law…you hate her, but it was a necessary evil to get what you wanted. Got more floor time than usual tonight, but did nothing of any value. Bargnani – reminds you of that feeling you get when you first see some grass… Read more »

Jose Calderon

Roll Call – Mar 6 vs Heat

The “return of dumb and dumber” edition Banks – I don’t care if Jose and Roko were taken out by snipers, there is absolutely no reason to have Banks on the floor outside of garbage time, let alone the first half. Bargnani – do you think The Future looked at that headband wearing loser in… Read more »

Jose Calderon

Roll Call – Mar 3 vs Rockets

The “well thank God that trip is over” edition Banks – major contribution tonight. Yup, word is he actually finished his first ever sudoku. Bargnani – stellar game tonight. As we were reminded (often) his foul trouble was a major blow to our early success. However, his defensive effort tonight was well above average (they… Read more »