Podcast: Altenalist

We tried to get the whole RR team for a podcast but in the end it was just AltRaps and myself. The man who serves the Morning Coffee gives his thoughts on the Raps as we discuss all imaginable topics ranging from how much money RR makes, where Khandor is, new Raptors blogs, Hedo Turkoglu,… Read more »


Podcast: Coach Steve Finamore

Mostly we get our basketball fix from chumps like myself or the staff hired by your local newspaper. It’s all very enjoyable and produces the debate that runs sites like these, but at the end of the day it is more or less an opinion constructed mostly by observation rather than practice (Mind you that… Read more »


Podcast: Ryan Wolstat of Courtside

I talked some Raptors ball with Ryan Wolstat of the Sun’s Courtside blog, he gave us his thoughts on the free agent summer, our options at the wing and plenty of other Raptors topics. We also discussed whether irregardless is a word. Have a listen by clicking on the play button below or directly in… Read more »


Mock Draft plus Podcast Analysis

For complete analysis of the mock draft check out my talk with Arsenalist. You can also listen in iTunes or download the audio file. 1. Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin 20 PF 6-10 248 Oklahoma Griffin is a no-brainer as the #1 overall pick. Every GM, every blog, every website has Griffin ranked as the… Read more »