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Toronto Raptors 2014-15 Schedule – Live Thread


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The schedule comes out at 6pm tonight, but let’s not wait till then to start talking about it.

Key Adjustments Needed Despite Majority Roster Returning for Raptors


Toronto Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 96-88

Dwane Casey will have the core roster back, yet is still required to make key adjustments to repeat the success of last season.

Raptors Fans and the Galvanization of the ACC


New Jersey Nets v Toronto Raptors

Supporter groups are all the rage in soccer, so why not basketball?

The Caboclo Acquisition: Raptors Bet on Bruno


Bruno Wingspan

Are the odds of selecting a sure bet safer than a projected talent with potential?

Source: Masai Ujiri to Use Draft Picks, But Might Trade Them…Or Not



S**t just got real.

Reaction: Raptors 83-Nets 97



The Raptors wasted DeRozan’s gem by getting whallopped for most of the night. You get your wish, relentless TSN ‘game 7 is Sunday*’ marketing campaign.

We’re Going to Take the Ball and we’re Going to Win


val hans

Roy Hibbert thinks that the Pacers need to go to group therapy. The Raps look to help them out with a little shock therapy instead.

And Now For Something Completely Different



The Raptors lose to Washington in triple overtime, but really, everybody wins.

Raptors Clearly Establish Their Place in the Eastern Conference



The Raptors show that a little effort can go a long way in an easy win over the Hawks.

Will Toronto’s Success Force Ujiri’s Hand At The Deadline?



Despite the patience Masai Ujiri’s five-year deal affords, will the Toronto Raptors’ recent success make them buyers at the trade deadline?

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