Morning Coffee – May 30

Globe and Mail Raptors centre Andrea Bargnani wasn’t sorry to see Sam Mitchell fired. And he says he is worried Maurizio Gherardini, the Raptors’ highly respected senior vice-president of basketball operations, might be leaving. In an interview with La Gazetta dello Sport from Treviso, Italy, where he’s been doing some off-season training, Bargnani said he… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Morning Coffee – May 19

Canadian Press "Picking on position alone is dangerous because you might be passing up a better talent that’s available," Colangelo said. "What you hope to find is a player that satisfies both talent and need." The Raptors GM hasn’t been shy about making moves on draft day, and could do the same this year. "After… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Season Wrap up

The “I told you so” edition Adams – possessed the characteristics you look for as a general manager of an NBA franchise: a fire hydrant with a headband. Hassan brought as much value to our team as would rap lessons from 50 Cent given to Jake Voskuhl. Banks – at least Hassan isn’t costing us… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 15 vs Bulls

The “don’t shed a tear” edition Banks – call the toe truck. Bargnani – meh, no reason to play since you have 4-5 months off. Why stress yourself? Bosh – started off hot, then went as cold as Joan Rivers’ vajayjay. Then the light went off and he put his middle finger up for all… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 13 vs Wizards

The “payback’s a bitch” edition Banks – dead weight. Bargnani – faker. Bosh – absolute bonehead play late fourth in not hustling to the ball and letting Dixon blow by you, steal it, and score what could have been the dagger. To make up for it, he did what franchise players do: win the game…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 12 vs Sixers

The “Violet Palmer needs to be demoted” edition Banks – if he becomes an alcoholic, can he come off our cap? Bargnani – reminded us of the pre-Christmas Bargs. A quiet 17, but 4 fouls and just 2 boards. Bad time to pull a Keon when cult hero Armstrong dubbed you as the top Raptor… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 10 vs Wizards

The “Boogie Williams” edition Banks – the only pressing question: how is the toe? Bargnani – wonder if his heel bone is connected to his shooting bone? Brutal shooting night can be partially chalked up to the Wizards putting quick defenders on him, but he should have been able to shoot over them with ease…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 8 vs Pacers

The “worst game of the year” edition Banks – him chilling in Vegas rather than be seen with this team is telling. Bargnani – thanking his lucky stars that he was selected to suffer the rotating fake injury tonight. Bosh – Triano can’t even do this right: Bosh was one board away from another double… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 7 vs Hawks

The “who the hell are those guys” edition Banks – partying in Vegas while sitting out with a bad toe. Why sit with your team on the bench when you can be downing drinks at the Bellagio? (see story in the weblinks). HO would be proud. Bargnani – early foul trouble accompanied by a technical… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – April 5 vs Knicks

The “fore” edition Banks – when you head to work tomorrow, wondering how you’ll stretch your paycheque until the 15th, please remember Marcus’ toe and how hard it must be to make it to the bank to withdraw his funds. Bargnani – solid game adding to the patchwork of the vision of what is to… Read more »