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Roundtable Reaction: Kyle Lowry & Free Agency


The RR crew talk the Lowry signing and what to expect next in free agency.

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Breaking: Kyle Lowry Signs 4 year, $48M Deal With Toronto Raptors


Kyle Lowry has signed a 4-year, $48M contract extension with the Toronto Raptors.

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Why Kyle Lowry will take his sweet time


It’s not personal, it’s just business.

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Morning Coffee – Wed, Jul 2


Lowry | Lowry? | Lowry! | Lowry :S | Every other word will be Lowry till something happens | Vasquez market price could have been set by Livingston contract

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Raptors Free Agency Recap: The Kyle Lowry Saga With a Touch of Greivis Vasquez


Day One of free-agency is over and the Raptors are finding that retaining Kyle Lowry is harder than initially thought.

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Morning Coffee – Tue, Jul 1


The best part of the year begins | Raptors to overpay for Lowry | Raptors signing Lowry for a song | He’s going here | He’s going there | What about Vasquez? | Patterson to get max deal #exciting

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The Decision – Latest on Lowry: He’ll Take a “Few Days” to Make His Decision


Keep refreshing the page. Updates dropping every few minutes.

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The Caboclo Acquisition: Raptors Bet on Bruno


Are the odds of selecting a sure bet safer than a projected talent with potential?


Raptors Weekly Podcast, June 30 – Caboclo Tease, Totally Not Jose Calderon


A packed pod with Andrew, Tim, Will and Zarar looks back on draft night and into the near and distant future while commenting on Russian thuggery.

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Morning Coffee – Mon, Jun 30


Raptors add capable Lou Williams in trade with Atlanta Hawks.

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OFFICIAL: John Salmons traded for Lou Williams and Lucas Nougeira


I’m changing my name to Durant Kevin. Let’s see how far I can take this.

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