Beyond the Raptors 17 Raps

Beyond the Raptors: New York Knicks


A look into the Knicks, and what the Raptors can expect for the coming season.

Columns 4 Raps

Yakkin’ About The Raptors: Brainstorming Kevin Durant Bars For Drake


We go back-and-forth with RaptorsHQ to kill some time in the offseason.

Podcast 25 Raps

Raptors Weekly Podcast, August 18 – All-Time Frustrating Team and Tired Camels


The pod crew will not and can not top. We’re all over the schedule and Jordan Hamilton news like a pack of zombies and decide to sound off on the Raptors all-time, most frustrating starting five.

Columns 59 Raps

The problem with #WeTheNorth


We’re Canada’s basketball team, not a basketball team for Canadians.

Columns 19 Raps

William Lou asks: Who is Lou Williams?


I’ll never get over how weird this name thing is.

Columns 29 Raps

Key Adjustments Needed Despite Majority Roster Returning for Raptors


Dwane Casey will have the core roster back, yet is still required to make key adjustments to repeat the success of last season.

Columns 24 Raps

DeMar DeRozan’s Value as a Free Throw Shooter


Greg Mason takes a deep look at what DeMar DeRozan’s ability to shoot free throws buys the Raptors.

Podcast 7 Raps

Raptors Weekly Podcast, August 11 – DeMar’s Getting Low


DeAndre’s exit and DeMar’s handles get some airtime as Wiggins gets unleashed.

Columns 128 Raps

How will the Love-for-Wiggins trade impact the Raptors?


Is Andrew Wiggins two years away from two years away from being a Raptor? (No)

Columns 32 Raps

Why doesn’t Terrence Ross attack the basket?


This is Terrence Ross, owner of two NBA slam dunk trophies.

Columns 31 Raps

Mild Musings on Guard Lineups


Lots of guard-play with Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez and Lou Williams.

Columns 36 Raps

A totally scientific assessment of #KDtoTORONTO2016


Zarar is getting the day off, meaning you’re stuck with an incredibly strange figment of my wretched imagination. You’ve been warned. Don’t read this if you’re not prepared to have your time wasted.

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