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Jonas Valanciunas’ Roadmap to NBA Legitimacy


A look at where Jonas Valanciunas stands on his quest to become the Raptors centerpiece.

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The New James Johnson’s Potential Impact on the Raptors


A look at what this version of James Johnson could bring to the Raptors – other than great facial expressions.

Columns 60 Raps

Ushering in the Golden Generation of Canadian Basketball


Quotes from Day 2 of Canada Basketball’s practice at the Air Canada Center.

Podcast 40 Raps

Raptors Weekly Podcast, July 21 – Eastern Conference Preview


With free-agency winding down and rosters set, the podders preview and rank the Eastern Conference.

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Summer League: We Like Where He Strokes It


In their last game in Las Vegas, the Raptors played basketball against the Clippers. That’s probably the nicest way to put it.

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The Raptors and the NBA’s Shooting Revolution – the Nylon Calculus Shot Charts


Greg Mason takes a look at how the Raptors fare in the latest production of the analytics world – the Nylon Calculus shot charts.

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Recap: Buycks and Bruno shine, Summer League is strange


Bruno and Buycks looked good. The team did not.

Podcast One Rap

Talking Raptors Podcast, July 16 – Summer League


Nick and Barry run down what’s happening in summer league and on summer vacations as the Raptors enter LSVL’S playoff rounds.

Morning Coffee 8 Raps

Morning Coffee – Wed, Jul 16


James Johnson is older and wiser | Bebe an interesting kid | Raptors can afford D-League team; should make it happen | Bruno an emotional kid

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Scouting Report: Say Ayy to Bebe Nogueira


Get to know the Raptors’ newly acquired Brazilian center.

Morning Coffee 10 Raps

Morning Coffee – Tue, Jul 15


Patterson predicts 50+ wins for Raptors | DeRozan all about business: works hard and keeps quiet | Caboclo gets rude welcome in summer league; Raptors lose by 30 to Mavs

Summer League 27 Raps

Summer League: Raptors Shoot 30%, Commit 30 Turnovers, Lose by 31 to Mavericks


The Raptors shoot 30% and commit 30 turnovers in a 31 point loss – it was glorious.

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