Stats 30 Raps

Series Preview: Raptors vs Nets by the Numbers


Numbers never lie, or so the saying goes.

Pre-Game 27 Raps

Series Preview: Raptors vs Nets, 10 Strategic and Tactical Elements To Look Out For


An examination of tactical elements present in the Raptors-Nets series.

Pre-Game 3 Raps

Series Preview: Raptors vs Nets Q&A with The Brooklyn Game


Breaking down the series with Devin Kharpertian of TBG, with a few outsider takes.

Podcast 4 Raps

Doctor Is In Podcast, April 18 – Playoff Preview


The Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets series is previewed in detail.

Morning Coffee 4 Raps

Morning Coffee – Fri, Apr 18


Every possible angle about the playoffs and the 1st round match-up with the Nets

Merchandise 20 Raps

MLSE Claims Copyright For “Kings In The North” Shirt; RR Prints New Shirts; Partial Proceeds to United Way


There’s been a copyright claim on our beautiful shirt. We’re not going away though.

Columns 7 Raps

2013-14 Raptors now litter franchise leaderboards


It’s been quite the season for the Toronto Raptors. What we’ll likely remember about this season years from now is “48,” the team’s win total for the year, the most ever in franchise history.

Columns 12 Raps

Season in Review


Hot damn, that was a fun ride.

Post-Game 8 Raps

Raps’ year ends with meaningless loss, bring on Brooklyn


No injuries and the third seed? Sounds like a successful night to me.

Morning Coffee 8 Raps

Morning Coffee – Thu, Apr 17


Playoffs for the first time in 6 years…bunch of other articles about practice courts, rebrands, playoff seeding….PLAYOFFS, BABY!!!

Quick Reaction 119 Raps

Reaction: Knicks 95, Raptors 92


The Raptors starters dominate, but the Knicks end up beating the Raptors deep bench. Who cares, PLAYOFFS DOH!!!!

Pre-Game 44 Raps

Gameday: Raptors @ Knicks – Apr, 16


Raptors look to secure 3rd in the East on the road against the Knicks

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