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Lowry’s Injury Has Given Valanciunas A Chance To Shine


All season long, Kyle Lowry has acted as a vocal mentor for Raptors’ second-year centre Jonas Valanciuas.

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Morning Coffee – Wed, Apr 9


Other than the JV DUI, Raptors are focused on the playoffs | A look back at other Raptors who acted a fool | Byucks: Toronto = great

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Does DeMar DeRozan Have a Case for Most Improved Player?


Examining the evolution of DeMar DeRozan and the MIP race.

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Talking Raptors Podcast, April 8 – With Darren Andrade (Yes, We Talk JV)


This week, the guys conquer technology and welcome a special guest, writer and media personality Darren Andrade.

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Morning Coffee – Tue, Apr 8


Jonas booked for AUI on the eve of playoffs | Raptors can finish anywhere from 3rd to 5th with 5 games left | Raptor fans want RESPECT | Chemistry is the name of the game

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Raptors On the Precipice of Ousting The Toronto Sport Team Curse


Even an optimist can fall prey to the dreaded Toronto Sport team curse mentality, but I examine why it’s finally over.

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Finding Kyle Lowry: A Comprehensive Essay


An in-depth analysis of Kyle Lowry’s situation with the Raptors, including a comparison of Lowry’s value with those of other similar-situated players.

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Raptors Weekly Podcast, April 6 – Target Acquired


The shorthanded Raptors surprise in a tough week as a 50-win target is set.

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Morning Coffee – Mon, Apr 7


Raptors are road warriors | Have five games to improve their starts to games and focus for playoffs | De Colo impresses when given minutes

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Raptors Fantasy Forecast, April 6 – The Finals


Instead of watching Uzoh and Anderson spoiling the Raptors draft position, we get to see the team fighting for third in the East and the franchises second ever division title.

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Half-Hearted Victory, Quarter-Hearted Recap


This is your warning: I totally mailed in this recap.

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Reaction: Raptors Narrowly Escape Bucks


Raptors didn’t play well, but just well enough to beat the Bucks and stay ahead of the Bulls and Nets in the standings.

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